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Remote CranioSacral Therapy

Distance sessions are a wonderful way to receive CranioSacral therapy if you have mobility challenges, are not in the same location as me, feel more comfortable in your own home, or for any other reason.


Quantum science shows that each of us is a biomagnetic field, and that each of us is an integral part of the wider universal electro-magnetic field. Quantum science also demonstrates that everything, every person, every subatomic particle, is connected in a time-space continuum. This is known as non-locality in Quantum science.


Quantum science therefore shows us that we can connect with anyone or anything, anywhere in the universe - and what determines that connection is our focus of attention, our consciousness, which brings us to Distance CranioSacral Therapy. Clients who have experienced Distance CranioSacral Therapy sessions report that distance sessions feel just like hands-on sessions. They report feeling structural changes and movements of body tissues during the distance session just as they had when receiving a hands-on session.


The body’s self-healing mechanism can manifest as a release of heat, vibration, pulsing, movement of tissues, sudden recollection of an old injury, stomach gurgling, slight jerking movements, long exhalations, etc. Clients may choose to sit or lie down, whichever is more comfortable, and simply relax. Clients often become very tranquil and peaceful.

In these sessions I guide you, from a place of deep stillness, into your tissue, blood vessels and nerves; into your bones and bone marrow; your organs – connecting the gut, heart and brain (the organs with a nervous system) guiding you into your spine – your nervous system and brain; and clearing and balancing the chakras.

Watch a video of Remote CST - at


I forgot in the excitement about my eyes to mention how powerful the bone stuff was. Fantastic!


I’d had CranioSacral therapy from her previously which had been amazingly powerful and long lasting, so I had confidence that the remote CranioSacral therapy would help me.

I wasn’t wrong. There was an immediate relief of my symptoms, that all-over ache I experience with my fibromyalgia disappearing. By the next day my energy levels had increased to where I no longer felt on the point of collapse after a reasonable walk.

What was particularly interesting was that as Trish worked on me, at the moment I would feel some part of my body release, at that instant she would say, ‘Now, I think something has just released.’ At times I could also feel her cradling my head and my neck. Her intuition led her to all the places where I had issues. I would thoroughly recommend Trish.


I am good thanks x Nothing to report!


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