Paediatric CranioSacral Therapy


CranioSacral Therapy is also a popular treatment helping mothers and babies recover from pregnancy and/or birth trauma. Paediatric CST for babies and toddlers is known for its application to infants who’ve experienced birth trauma such as ventous, forceps, c-section and breach; but it can also assist in aiding many common problems associated with infancy and childhood, including:

Nursing and Latching



Restless Sleeping

Tongue Tie

Parent and baby CST sessions are also often praised as an excellent bonding method as parents are able to learn practical ways to soothe and comfort their child.

Offering a warm, safe and professional environment Trish listens to each individual concern, ensuring every treatment is tailored to meeting the needs of the issue/s faced.



My daughter has been amazing since you helped us! No more back arching and screaming all day!



My son has suffered from a disorder in his hips which was picked up when he was 3 (he is now 11), ... She put my son at ease and talked to him with respect explaining everything she did and encouraging him to ask questions. She did not make any promises but 4 sessions on and we are seeing an improvement. The leg appears not as shortened and I cannot tell you the joy at seeing my son running with his dog and not suffering the pain he has grown to live with.


My son has had three sessions with Trish now and she was fantastic. He’s always calm and happy around her, and his temperament has calmed.
Now going back for myself for some post-natal wellbeing