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February 2023 Newsletter

Greetings and salutations lovely peeps

This month we’ve been, supporting, as much as we’ve been allowed, members of our next generation in dealing with poor health. I’ve been super-aware of the choices and decisions we all make on a daily basis that impacts our health. To be aware of the, perhaps, unconscious decision to ignore the signal from the body that all is not well, that we need to do something. The decision to continue down a therapeutic route that is not working, research alternatives or change what we are doing, to be guided, but not lead by someone we’ve put our trust in, but to ultimately know the right choice to make, to adapt and evolve. Should I take that course of medication or see that therapist or embark on this intervention, when to ask for help and who to ask?

The Still Point in CST

This is such a lovely healing, rebalancing and realigning technique in CST. The still point is a CST technique which shares its roots in cranial-osteopathy. A still point is used to reach a place of absolute calm. This is a neurological response, which is especially relaxing for the connective tissue throughout the body and shifts the central nervous system from its usual state of alertness to one of calmness. Holding the head, or any part of the body, and waiting for the body to still is so beneficial for anxiety and stress and can also help to lower fever.

There are times when I feel there is something more than physical restriction. I may then, if it feels appropriate, begin a therapeutic dialogue with the client and their body to help release a deeper issue.

CST is a profound, deep and far-reaching modality. Contact me if you are in pain, or struggling.

CST Feedback

This is the feedback I received from a client after just one CranioSacral therapy session. As in life, everyone experiences CST uniquely as we are all unique beings with different lifestyles and a diverse set of life experiences, stress and trauma. And this also varies from treatment to treatment too.

“I felt a shift in the few days following my session with you, then seemed to revert back to feeling very flimsy and tearful again. For those precious few days I felt I had more presence and life force, and simply felt energetically stronger and valid. So I hope another session can unblock/ release some more of that somehow.”

This is so effective on things like trauma, anxiety as well as back pain and headaches. Contact me if you would like help with things like this or just to discuss it more deeply.

Dr. Zach (Bush) believes there are three births. Life is an incessant course of transitions.

You are born, then turn into an adolescent and finally into an adult.

Each transformation provides all the physical, mental, and emotional growth you need to survive. Death is just one of the transition points.

It is the movement between this existence and the next.

Have you ever been curious

What were you curious about this last month?

Please share with me any thoughts you had after reading this newsletter.

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