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Friday 5 Minute Finale

Dear Peeps

Some of you may know that, last week, I started sharing a weekly Monday Morning Minute Meditation and thought that it would be good to bookend the week with a Friday 5 Minute Finale, sooo here it is – some of what I have been enjoying and pondering over in the past week.

Foremost in my mind has been the crumbling NHS. I haven’t watched the news since 2020 so I rely on what friends and family tell me and hearing about long waiting times for doctor appointments and hearing a colleague say, after a fall, that she didn’t want to spend hours in A&E waiting etc. How vital it is now to be making decisions to create and maintain health and well being. Research alternatives and therapies that will help. Research things you can do to help yourself. Look for low cost clinics in your area if that’s what you need. With spring on our doorstep get outside and into the light several times a day. This will readjust your circadian rhythm. [Look at the link I mention further on on how to do that.] I also offer Remote healing for those who can’t easily travel for treatment. This is a link to a demo of a session (it is rather long but you can always skip through it). I also have a number of short self-help techniques on video in Facebook. I hope this helps explain remote sessions. (Let’s begin ….

Favourite Webinar of the week

The Body Electric. I wasn’t able to listen to all the speakers but those I did hear ‘electrified’ me :) (couldn’t resist that). Here is a link to Carrie Bennett being interviewed about sunlight, melatonin and the circadian rhythm. trust you find this informative and useful.

Music I’ve been listening to this week

Frequency healing music. As we move further into lighter days I’m aware of this being a transition time. There’s more light but the weather is still cold. I’ve also suggested this to a couple of people to help change the environment they’re in as well as help with healing.

Podcasts I’ve listened to

Art Juice, Seth Godin: Are You a Painter or an Artist? Very interesting -he explains why the world doesn't need any more paintings (and what it actually needs instead).

And a YouTube interview that’s given me food for thought, an interview with Richard Vobes William Keyte about the English constitution. Mmm so much I don’t know about Common Law!

A new artist I’ve started following

Anna F MacDonald. I just love her minimalistic zen style of painting and one day may have a go at more minimalistic work. Take a look at

My, dip in and out of book of the moment

Talking to My Daughter: A brief history of capitalism by Yanis Varoufakis.

He writes in a way that, so far, even I can understand. ‘…he argues from the outset that if we defer to experts on the economy then we hand over all our most important political decisions to them …’ ~Guardian

Well, that’s me for this week. May you have a good weekend and week ahead.




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