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Friday 5 Minute Finale 2

Dear Peeps

I’ve been thinking a lot about adaption. The human ability to adapt and evolve. (Evolution is the process by which species adapt over time in response to their changing environment. -National Geographic)We’ve been doing this for ever, or we wouldn’t still be here. In the Body Electric webinar interview with Mindy Beck ND she spoke of how to manage artificial electromagnetic frequencies. She said that we need to access the information that allows our body to be self healing – it’s in the natural electromagnetic frequencies. … We need to be in touch with our environment to know what’s happening around us and adapt. When we adapt we can heal. Listen here: Yes, she does talk about using technology and devices to do this. But and what if we can find a way to do this through our own biology?

Favourite YouTube of the week

Bringing interesting threads of astrology and earth science together in an interview, one of my favourite astrologers, Heather Emsworth, interviews Rory Duff – Transformation with the energies of the earth and cosmos. Rory Duff is an earth mystery researcher, geologist andGeobiologist.

Music I’ve been listening to this week

Frequency healing music in the background as much as possible. Johnny Clegg-Great Heart. Reconnects me to my roots. Have a look -

Another, dip in and out of book of the moment

Entangled Life. Fascinating and illuminating. This “is a mind-altering journey into this hidden kingdom of life and shows that fungi are key to understanding the planet on which we live and the ways we think, feel and behave. The more we learn about fungi, the less makes sense without them.”

Well, that’s me for this week. May you have a good weekend and week ahead. There will be no Friday Finale next week as I will be away.




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