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Friday 5 Minute Finale 9

Dear Peeps

I hope you’ve all had a good week. It’s been a stressful week for me, but thankfully not constantly. With 2 bank holidays in a row I’ve missed my Monday afternoon CST maintenance treatment.

I’ve had exciting moments researching agrihomeopathy as my veggie patch is a container patch and I want to manage it as well as I can. In the process I learned about silicea terra, an amazing treat-all for the garden. I also learned that it’s a human remedy too. A remedy that treats such a wide range of health conditions. So along with flower essences and a quartz crystal in my water butts silicea terra should sort out my garden as well as the attending humans.

I also discovered a list of 12 of the most pesticide-sprayed foods (the Dirty Dozen) on the supermarket shelves alongside a list of the Clean 15 foods. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. You can find this here:

I also rediscovered some sketchy notes on bioplasticity (this information is so needed today) as I was looking for a blank page in a notebook. “Bioplasticity is the idea that all the systems in our body, from the muscles to the skin to the immune system, have the ability to adapt to the demands placed upon it. Every system is plastic, meaning that, like any plastic material, it can be melted and recycled into many different shapes.”

I wish you all joyful weekend. Enjoy the sun carefully.

Spring Blessings



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