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January 2023 Newsletter

Greetings and salutations lovely peeps

I trust this newsletter finds you well. I know that winter can be trying for some and for others it is a perfect time to take stock of your life and also to enjoy that Danish tradition of hygge – a time to relax and enjoy life’s quieter pleasures. This is not what I’ve been doing this month which started with a busy 2 weeks. And tomorrow, 1st February is Embolc, which marks the beginning of spring.

CST/Remote Healing

Once again, I am being asked for remote/distance or non-local healing sessions, so I am now offering these sessions as an alternative or complementary to 1-2-1 when distance is an issue or leaving the house is a problem. It does mean that a treatment can be received in the comfort and safety of your own home and you can take the time you need after the treatment to sleep or sit quietly without having to drive or walk back home.

Remote healing is a quantum science based healing method and sessions work because of the connection between the universal energy source and all living beings on the planet. There is no time and space limitation, we can send energy healing across vast distances. I can sense your body, with your permission, and all that is going on with it wherever it is. And for those of you wondering if this really works, how it can really be effective, it may take a leap of faith to try something new.

Remote sessions can be just as varied as a 1-2-1 treatment – dramatic or calming and grounding. Every treatment is different because you are different every time you come to a session or a treatment. We need different things at different times, and there are times when we’re more sensitive than at other times. So, it’s normal and understandable that our experiences would vary from very subtle/gentle to very powerful/dramatic.

The universe is not a mechanical system of matter - it operates like a cosmic network that runs on and is connected by information. Information "in-forms" and underlies all of the physical world, including the human body.

This is so effective on things like trauma, anxiety as well as back pain and headaches. Contact me if you would like help with things like this or just to discuss it more deeply.

When you are grounded and full you are

strong and steady.

-Full Body Presence

Suzanne Scurlock

Have you ever been curious

about the nervous system? How it travels through the body? Where the onset of your pain is? If you feel pain in your hand, is it actually in your hand or wrist or in another area - a part of the nerve pathway that has referred the pain to the hand.

Everything is important and everything is connected. If we have an affect on one part of the body we can be affecting another part at the same time. [That’s why sometimes you may feel the therapist working in one area but experience the consequence somewhere else.] For instance, the brain and spinal cord are a unit. That's how sciatica can give you a headache.There's no tissue more important than another (a real environment of equality).

This month I have decided to be curious about what happens in my body, my feelings and my life. Would you like to join me in an exploration, an adventure into yourself this year?The planets have lined up to support us in our endeavours for the first several months of this year. Let’s find new ways to be and a community to be with.

Contact me if you would like to explore more deeply.

Please share with me any thoughts you had after reading these words.

CST is a profound modality. Remember how profound it is, and how deep and far-reaching it is.

Contact me if you are in pain, or struggling.

And do feel free to unsubscribe if this is not for you.



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