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Lymph and the Immune System

I love the quirky way Lauren Sompayrac describes lymph node function as being similar to 'dating bars'. They are the places where bacteria, viruses and other invaders (antigens) are carried. B and T cells of the #immune system cruise the #lymph nodes looking for their matching antigen.

What a great design and how important our lymphatic system is to immune function.

And so... here's a little information about lymph and how to enhance its function.

We have three times more lymph fluid in our bodies than blood. Blood is pumped around the body by the heart while the lymphatic system is a drainage system. It relies on extrinsic compression (e.g. contractions in muscles). This system plays an important role in protecting our body against infection by producing T and B immune cells.

Here are a few tips to keep your lymphatic system healthy:

*Move more. Exercise helps that extrinsic compression ensuring good fluid flow.

*Drink enough water. (The word lymph is derived from Latin lympha "water goddess”)

*Dry skin brushing before showering. This stimulates the lymph. Use a natural bristle brush. Brush your dry skin in circular motions upward from the feet to the to the chest where lymph fluid empties into lymphatic ducts.

*Get a massage. Studies show that massage can push up to 78% of stagnant lymph back into circulation. Massage frees trapped toxins.

*or #CranioSacral therapy. a large portion of Cerebral Spinal Fluid returns by way of pathways including the lymphatics, which contributes approximately 50% of that return. CranioSacral therapy helps move Cerebral Spinal Fluid.

I hope this gives you a greater appreciation of the importance of this system in the role of dealing with #infection.

Ref: Lauren Sompayrac

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