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May 2023 Newsletter

Greetings and salutations lovely peeps

As I said in my 5 Minute Friday Finale on Friday, this has been a week of reconnection and inspiration for me regarding our amazing bodies.

I followed a notification of a talk from Science and NonDuality on Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) and was reminded of some facts that had slipped in the archive folder of my brain. One fact, according to Mauro Zappetta MD, PhD, that I hadn’t clocked is that the third ventricle is the third eye boundaried front and back by the pituitary and the pineal glands. This space is continually bathed with cerebrospinal fluid. I think this is such an amazing and profound fact because it then flows into the fourth ventricle and down into the central canal (the very centre of our central nervous system (so many centrals). So what does this mean for us, for you. For me this means the CSF connects with one of the sacred places of the body and then flows into and informs the central nervous system and the whole body.

Watch here for Mauro Zappettera’s talk:

This is a quote that Mauro Zappettera used from Rudolph Stone DO, founder of Polarity Therapy.

“Cerebrospinal Fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the

ultra sonic light energies”

These are some thoughts from Resmaa Menakem, Bayo Akomolafe and Orland Bishop,that resonate with me. Ref: Three Black Men – a journey into the magical otherwise with communityScience and NonDuality (SAND). Do theseresonate with you?

This is a time to gather in community and reach beyond what we know.

  1. How do we meet the crises of our times? How might we respond in ways we have not yet imagined?

  2. The healing that we need invites us into a new shared seeing, anchored in a place beyond conventional culture. The struggle for radical transformation is a soul-struggle. “Risk new shapes”.

And this reminder of mindfulness perhaps helps us to answer the questions we need to answer.

Infuse mindfulness into daily life.

Chronic stressors can compromise the

immune system. Luckily, mindfulness

is free, calming, and easily incorporated

into most daily activities! Think - walks

in nature, yoga, music, meditation,

dance and one of our favourites—

mindful eating.

I will be exhibiting a couple of paintings with King Street Studios at the Silverdale and Arnside Art and Craft Trail. We'll be in the Methodist Church from Friday 23rd to Sunday 4pm.

Last week we started eating two new plant in our salad:

Red clover - flower heads are a ‘ball’ of small tubular flowers. They have a sweet and delicious taste and are a great as a salad garnish.

Herb Robert - Fresh leaves can be eaten or used as a tea or the plant can be dried and used in later months as a nutrient source. It is thought to have powerful immune-boosting properties and helps make oxygen more available to our cells – a valuable way to prevent disease as well as fight off existing illnesses. And natural insect repellent.

A note on my veggie patch. My spinach has developed a very small worm-like critter in what looks like a mucous surround. If anyone know what it is please let me know. I’ve been spraying with an epsom salts, dishwashing liquid, garlic and oil mix.

If you have any questions or comments about anything in this newsletter please feel free to contact me.

Summer time and…….. take care in the sun, and may your living be easy.



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