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New Year 2023 Message

Happy new year. May you find ways and techniques in 2023 to create resilience and robustness in health, physically, mentally and emotionally, and in work and life. As the old falls away and things we once could rely on fall away let there be the creation of the new.

“...[I] believe that a peaceful world is possible, and that the path to our collective well-being begins with each of us transforming from the inside out—coming clean. With our prayers, actions, and transactions, we have the power to shift energy away from those who misuse power and move it to ourselves and to those who are worthy stewards of our planet’s wealth and our children’s future.”

When I was teaching a yoga class I taught my students that their medicine is in the postures that they don’t like or find difficult. I taught this principle as a result of learning it myself. A lifetime of only doing what we like or what is easy doesn’t serve us – doesn’t challenge and grow us. The world is now facing this challenge. In 2023 may you stretch into that end of range of motion, whether it’s health or lifestyle, breathe, feel the change and breathe again. Find and feel the resilience and robustness that is yours to enjoy.

Peace and blessings. I look forward to being with you in 2023.


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