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NewsletterJuly 2022

It’s already the last day of the month! This has been a month of the unexpected. We went away for a week (not so unexpected) after my exhibition in Lancaster and I am preparing for another exhibition. This time in the Arndale Centre in Morecambe. We’ve had our usual spate of Airbnb this month and also visiting family. This has also been a month of people beset with health issues needing to balance and heal to begin the new summer season.

Does CranioSacral involve manipulations?

This is a is not a manipulative therapy but a gentle therapy where the healing process comes from within the client, not from the outside with the practitioner. The therapist's hand contacts are based on listening and following the tissues and the client's process rather than pushing or manipulating the client towards a theoretical ideal state. Clients talk about having a deeply relaxing experience. Some people feel their body rebalancing, realigning and changing while others feel nothing but a sense of relaxation while on the couch. Most do experience relief from their symptoms (e.g. migraine, headaches, neck and back ache, menopause symptoms, exhaustion and trauma) – a sense of thriving and not just surviving.

You may consider yourself an individual, but as a cell biologist, I can tell you that you are in truth a cooperative community of approximately fifty trillion single-celled citizens.

Bruce H. Lipton

According to Heather Ensworth, astrologer, this triple conjunction on 1st August is the time of moving into the Age of Aquarius when we need to rebalance the energies of the sacred feminine and masculine bringing them into harmony with each other.

This ties in with my starting a Women’s Circle in September on a Saturday morning. I’m seeing a need in women to share their life and ancestral stories and it feels like the right time to offer this. As women we have the power of creativity through our reproductive system. The power to create and birth new life – to create and birth new projects, new life energy in our communities. This creative energy is often blocked by physical, emotional or spiritual trauma. Join our circle and embrace the healing, the balance and support of being in a circle.

I discovered a new crystal shop, Sakura, in Morecambe in Victoria Street selling exquisite crystals and also dream catchers. Do stop in and connect and support this new venture.

This month I’m recommending a book that was recommended by two clients of mine and which I have just begun to read. It is Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake. A truly fascinating, exciting and educating read.

“The more we learn about fungi, the less makes sense without them. They can change our minds, heal our bodies and even help us avoid environmental disaster; they are metabolic masters, earth-makers and key players in most of nature's processes. We are taken on a mind-altering journey into their spectacular world, and shown how these extraordinary organisms transform our understanding of our planet and life itself.”

I wish you all a restorative, fun, family, summery August.

Please share with me any thoughts you had after reading these words. And also feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you feel may be interested.



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