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Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation is a therapeutic approach to pain management. 

This therapy aims to correct any mobility issues occurring with the internal organs and their connective tissues, including muscles, blood vessels and nerves. When organs loose their natural mobility, they become tight, leading to painful or distressing conditions such as chronic fatigue, adhesions, fibromyalgia, migraines and sciatica.

Visceral Manipulation works to restore your body’s normal movement and function of internal organs, and in doing so benefits and improves digestion, blood flow and the nervous system.



I consulted Patricia about my long-standing, severe digestive symptoms including SIBO and received two treatments: visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy. The visceral manipulation was very powerful and exactly what was needed – it was robust but not unpleasant, in fact quite relaxing, and I felt as though healing was taking place on the spot. The craniosacral therapy was very gentle. After a couple of days, when things settled, I noticed my symptoms had all improved – and they continue to do so.


After first treatment – slept well – woken by alarm. Also had a spontaneous bowel movement (had 5 cancerous polyps removed and do daily bowel washouts) – so all in all very good.


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