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Yoga 1-2-1

Personalised & unique sessions to suit your individual requirements & availability. 
Private Yoga is ideal for complete beginners, for anyone working with a specific injury/medical condition, to work around childcare commitments, or for that extra special one-to-one care and attention. 

4 & 6 week courses are also available + block booking discounts.
To enquire further or to book your private session, contact Trish


A mindful and consistent yoga practice retrains our stress response.


As a complete novice, I wanted the opportunity to experience yoga and understand the benefits and potential impact on my wellbeing. Trying to fit it in with a full time job and a busy family was going to be difficult. Then I found Trish who flexed her time and gave me that introduction. We’ve had several 1:1 sessions where Trish has taught me the correct breathing and postures and encouraged me to challenge myself without risk. I’m astonished at how supple I’ve become. Her approach, expertise and calming teaching skills has had me physically achieving things I would not have believe possible, especially after 5 children! I’ve even started to get my figure back and feel great!
I can’t recommend Trish highly enough, my sessions with her have simply changed my life.


Trish, thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me. I can be a strong and flexible ‘old’ woman – in every way!


I went into labour on the Sunday and managed to stay at home until Tuesday lunchtime doing yoga breathing and using some of the moves that we did to try and ease the pain. We went into hospital after lunch on Tuesday and I was 7cm at that point (before they examined me they wanted to send me home as they didn’t think that I was that far gone as I was obviously coping too well with it)! and baby was born less than 2 hours later. I managed to get through it with gas and air and more yoga breathing.

So, thanks for reminding me about the breathing and teaching me some moves to help ease the pains.


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