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Grounding & Healing Meditation


Every second Monday of the month, beginning on the 12th February, I will be offering a free Grounding and Healing Meditation from 7-8pm via video call to any and all who would like to participate.


During lock-down I did a Remote CST workshop with Suzanne Scurlock (Upledger CST trainer and founder of Healing from the Core) which I will be using together with Lynne McTaggart’s Intention work and, of course, my own experience and skills honed over more than 25 years of practicing CST and energy work. This is my gift to the world as an elder/a crone who is not yet ready stop. 


The video link will be a rolling link to use every month -  Just click on the link to take you to the video call.

If you would like prior notification please advise me and I'll add you to my email list. 


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