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Friday 5 Minute Finale 16 June 2023

Dear Peeps

Well, here we are again. A friend commented that I need to get rid of the socks in the accompanying photo. So, I have...

What do you think? Summery enough?

I hope you are all surviving the heat. We seem to have had it especially hot in Morecambe. I’m reluctant to moan about the weather, because it will soon change and we’ll be mourning the loss of summer, and by the way, it’s mid-summer just next week, the 21st.

This week I’ve been watching more of Barbara O’Neill because her videos are so practical. I’ve also been watching the Plandemic 3 movie. I want to know what we’re not being told about what’s happening … and everything. Watch here:

This week on the health front: I’ve found it challenging to do my usual morning yoga and a late afternoon walk in this heat and by the time it’s cooled down I’m ready for bed. So a lot of 8 Brocades and Sivananda yoga :) According to some of the benefits of the 8 Brocades are: improved energy, vitality, bone density, strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, and longevity. Also, a great practice for reducing blood pressure, cancer support, thyroid issues, back pain and arthritis. My favourite video of the 8 Brocades is here:

Also this week, I had a long conversation with friends and therapists about the self-care techniques we use for ourselves. Some of those are long term, some dredging up techniques that have been used in the past and forgotten or laid aside and something new. In this day and age we all agreed that it’s important to use and try the old and the new (our grandmothers and great grandmothers knew a thing or two). Between us all we have an ocean of knowledge to share. Personally, I have been using castor oil this week in small ways – ears, eyes and belly button (it’ll be absorbed into the abdominal cavity and do some healimedng magic there if required).

I saw this as an explanation of a webinar that Dr. Dave Rabin is giving with, I think, the Shift Network. I wholly agree with him and have been saying this to patients, friends and family for many years. It’s always good to hear it from someone else. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Phrases like this convince us that as we get older, we aren’t as adaptable. But change and growth isn’t just possible, it’s what you are made to do. .........

You can break old habits, take up new pursuits, and see the world in fresh ways, no matter your current patterns or capabilities.”

This week my foraged elderflower treasure is on my washing line in a pillow case drying and will be used for tea. We've been enjoying fresh rose petal tea too.

My Monday Meditation has now moved here and you can access it from here:

[A short exerpt - Imagine yourself in a peaceful and serene environment, surrounded by calming sounds. Visualize yourself breathing in peace and exhaling any worries or distractions. Take this time to prioritize your well-being.]

I wish you all a fun weekend and a good week. I’ll be at the Another Fine Fest in Ulverston on Sunday supporting Morecambe Bay Beats (and hubby Dale).

Hot summer blessings


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